About Kelli


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I am the wife to a handsome computer nerd and the mother to a darling Energizer bunny, and they both happen to be the most fabulous people in the world. I am completely in love with my life! My family is my world, and it is my love for them that has helped me develop a strong passion for creating beautiful image.  I never wanted to forget my family’s important milestones. Thankfully, photography is such a celebration of family, memories, and preservation of life’s most important details. I am so delighted to be able to help others create images they will long cherish, allowing the most beautiful moments to last, in at least one form, forever remembered.

When I am not hiding behind my camera, I am spending time with family or reading a book. I love to get lost in any genre of fiction. It is my escape. I also love learning, so photography has given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge as I work to better my craft. I am a people person. That term is typically used on job applications to sound optimistically social, but despite its cliché overuse, it describes me perfectly. I LOVE people. I love watching people, speaking in front of people, conversing with people, and bonding with people. This career allows me to be touched by the kindness of many different people through my interactions with them, and I am blessed to be able to work with such great clients, becoming a part of their story.

Thank you for inviting me to be your photographer. Let’s create some images you will love completely.